Writing Rooms

Welcome to The Writing Room - hosted by Phil and Amy...

We host a writing room every Monday and Wednesday - It's a space to connect and create, they take place on Zoom and because of that we have people logging in from all over the world! 


We start the session with a general catch up and share what we're going to be working on during the session - this normally takes about half an hour depending on how many people join!


Then, we set the timer, press that mute button and GET WRITING! You'll be amazed what you can get done in an hour.


We'll check in afterwards and then send you on your way feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, happy in the knowledge that you have put words on paper! 


These sessions are free and open to all, although if you like what we're doing feel free to buy us a cuppa by hitting the donate button when you grab your ticket.

We post details on Twitter but feel free to email for a link to tickets.


 Thank you! 

Image by Chris Montgomery

Script Writing Accountability Groups

Phil and I host script writing accountability groups via WhatsApp and Zoom. If you would like to join please get in touch.

Idea Workshops

At the end of every month we hold an Idea Workshop - a safe space to chat through an idea you may be stuck on or a plot point that doesn't quite sit right. We have a limited number of spaces in each group and ten minutes to talk through our ideas with fellow writers.