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When Em finds the beaten-up body of a bloke in the boot of her husband's car on the way to a girl's weekend, she soon realises that the friends waiting for her at the cottage in the countryside not only know him but are more involved with his current situation than she could ever imagine.

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LAND SHARKS is a gritty crime drama based around an inner-city police dog unit. The series will follow a ‘story of the week’ format, with each episode focusing on an incident in and around West London. The series arc will focus on the changing dynamics within the newly formed team (the highs as well as the lows), we’ll deal with the exposure of our main characters’ PTSD,  the mind-blowing work of the police dogs with the backdrop a national disaster.

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Although set in the 1940’s DOCK ROAD GIRLS is as much about women’s lives now as it is then. Inspired by true events , it’s an empowering, romantic, action-adventure series. A period drama but with a contemporary heart, it will

mix adrenalin fuelled storytelling with rich, complex characters .


It’s Peaky Blinders meets Ocean’s 8.

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If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

By 3.15pm at the school pick up they have all figured out that they are now completely, SUPER.


Once they discover their new powers, they spend a few days having fun with it, perhaps the powers will fade and they will go back to ‘normal’, why not make the most of it while they can! When, after a few weeks they realise that these powers are here to stay, they begin to appreciate what they could actually do with them, maybe they could change the world, get rich, facilitate world peace?


They start with the PTA.

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